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We're dedicated to helping you achieve your professional goals, whether finding a meaningful job, enhancing your skillset, or advancing in your career. Navigating the ever-changing job market is hard, and we're here to assist you with resources, training, and pathways needed to help you succeed. As your local Workforce Development Board, we bridge connections to employers who are looking for your talents and skills. Check out our services and let us assist you in taking the next exciting step in your career. Your success is our mission!

Need help gaining skills to get a job?

Our local workforce development programs and services are tailored to empower job seekers by providing targeted training and support to help them secure employment opportunities that align with their unique skills and interests. The Workforce Development Board partners with The Employment and Training Services (ETS) as our dedicated career service provider. ETS assumes a pivotal role in not only ensuring the alignment of these programs with industry demands but also in their responsiveness to the ever-evolving requirements of our local job market. From the initial stages of training to the ultimate attainment of employment, ETS serves as a steadfast guide for job seekers, offering unwavering support and expertise, facilitating a seamless transition into careers that are both enriching and personally fulfilling.

In-Demand Jobs & Salaries

  • How much jobs pay
  • Which jobs are in the most demand
  • Occupations that are currently most in demand
  • Trends and future outlooks
  • Which jobs are expected to grow most
  • Compare wages between occupations, industries, and areas

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Job Search Assistance

Making your job search easier. Resources and assistance to help you find your perfect job

  • Comprehensive job listings
  • Employer connections
  • Resume writing and cover letter support (link to job source)

Career Counseling

Job Search Assistance

Making your job search easier. Resources and assistance to help you find your perfect job

  • Comprehensive job listings
  • Employer connections
  • Resume writing and cover letter support (link to job source)

Training and Skill Development 

FREE training programs (up to $5,000), and On-the-job training (up to and in excess of $10,000) to unemployed and underemployed individuals. 

Upgrade your skills and boost your employability through training programs that YOU select:

  • Industry recognized Certification programs
  • Apprenticeships
  • On-the-Job training: Earn while you learn
  • Basic Computer Skills  &  English Language Learning
  • Online Learning
  • Tuition Waiver

For additional information on the above programs contact
For more information about On-the-Job programs and eligibility criteria, contact Kimberly Whelan-Colgan at

Support for Special Populations

We offer specialized assistance for groups facing unique challenges, including:

Data and Labor Market Trends

Access valuable labor market information to make informed career decisions:

  • Job trends and forecasts
  • Wage information
  • In-demand occupations
  • Make informed decisions about your career path with our data resources.

At the Workforce Development Board of Northwest New Jersey, we're your partners in success. Let us help you achieve your career goals and embark on a fulfilling employment journey.

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 Sandra LaVigne
Sandra LaVigne Director of Water Quality Programs

We were so happy to help the team at the Great Swamp Watershed Association! Here Sandra LaVigne, Director of Water Quality Programs, describing how we helped them.

Hear what Sandra has to say

Melanie Hertgen
Melanie Hertgen Office manager and event coordinator

How has The Workforce Development Board helped the employees at The Great Swamp Watershed Association?

Melanie Hertgen, office manager and event coordinator explains how we helped her.

Please take a listen to Melanie's story

Apprentice at Weiss-Aug Group
Apprentice at Weiss-Aug Group Customer

We recently interviewed Jacqueline Fontes who is an apprentice at Weiss-Aug Group. She found her way to this industry and position through the County College of Morris and the services we offer here at the Workforce Development Board.

Please take a listen to Jacqueline's inspiring story.

Caitlin Doran
Caitlin Doran Director of Lake Hopatcong Foundation
Dane Bihler of America

We love to hear great testimonials from some of the people we are able to help get training a a job that they are passionate about. Thank you Dane! We are thrilled that you love working at Bihler of America

Hear what Dane has to say here

Aaron Bihler of America

The Workforce Development Board spoke with Aaron, a Tool & Die Apprentice at Bihler of America to learn more about his experience. Watch his video to learn more!