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The WDB NNJ partners with The New Jersey Department of Labor Business Service Team to support your hiring and recruitment needs.


Find Qualified Candidates

Our team specializes in connecting businesses with individuals who have undergone targeted training programs aligned with in-demand occupations.

Assistance includes:

  • Direct Connections: Gain access to a pool of candidates who are pre-screened for the skills/experience that align with your needs.

  • Tailored Events: Whether in-person or virtual, we collaborate with you to organize recruitment events that highlight your company and attract talent.

  • Cost-Free Solutions: Our services come at no cost to your business.

Getting Started is Easy

The Business Services team conducts job matching and markets your open jobs to individuals in the unemployment system and through county partner resources. It’s a simple process,


Register https://www.njstart.gov/bso/ Utilize the National Labor Exchange (NLX) https://newjersey.usnlx.com/ and post your positions, that is a quick, simple process and at no cost.


Contact your NJDOL Business Services Representative to discuss the job matching process that best suits your needs.


Eva Fernandez
 Randolph office phone: 862‐397‐5600 x3975736
 Mobile phone: 609‐358‐2696

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Randolph office phone:  862-397-5600 Ext. 3975740
Mobile phone: 609-414-6991

Unlocking Diverse Talent for Your Business Success

At the New Jersey Department of Labor (NJDOL), we go beyond conventional hiring processes to bring you a wealth of untapped talent. Our dedicated team is committed to facilitating connections with individuals who contribute to a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Hiring Veterans, Individuals with Disabilities & Justice-Involved Individuals

Connecting You with the Right Fit: The NJDOL Vocational and Rehabilitation Services representatives are equipped to identify the ideal match for your open roles. By tapping into a pool of pre-screened candidates, we ensure that each individual possesses the skills and experience aligning seamlessly with your business needs.

Support for Inclusivity: Our representatives are ready to advise employers on the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities, offering insights into available assistive technology. Your commitment to inclusivity is met with practical support to create an accessible and thriving workplace.

Facilitating Reentry:

Bridging Opportunities for Justice-Involved Individuals

Hiring Opportunities:

Probation staff actively collaborate with employers, providing resumes when new opportunities arise. Our staff is available for consultation throughout the selection process, ensuring a smooth and informed hiring experience.

Comprehensive Support Beyond Hiring:

Strengthening Workforce Integration with the JOBS Program

The probation division extends beyond hiring, offering monitoring, supervision, and drug screening support. Employees hired through JOBS are eligible for the federal bonding program, providing an extra layer of protection for employers.

Explore the JOBS Program

Incentives for Inclusive Hiring:

Work Opportunity Tax Credit:

Unlock federal tax credits ranging from $2,400 to up to $9,600 by hiring and retaining veterans and individuals from other target groups facing significant barriers to employment.

Federal Bonding Program:

Mitigate risks associated with hiring through our fidelity bond program, safeguarding your business against dishonesty-related losses.

Discover the Benefits

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Labor Market Information

  • Add charts monthly-
  • In-demand occupations by county
  • Employment and Wage data- view occupations and corresponding average wages in our areas
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