Executive Committee

Committee Chair

Tammy Case

Committee Description

The Executive Committee defines the WDB’s mission and develops the WDB’s vision, its broad-based goals, and policies for comprehensive strategic workforce development.  It ensures the continuity of the WDB’s mission and sets priorities for all WDB committees.  It solicits and employs input from other WDB committees, WDB members, and other sources to design strategies that will accomplish the WDB’s goals and objectives.  It assures that the workforce development system is performance-driven and market-based and meets the needs of the local area while providing universal access and uniformly high-quality customer service.  It ensures compliance with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA).  It performs oversight activities and performance reviews to ensure that One-Stop systems are efficient, effective and exhibit continuous quality improvement.  It recruits and orients new WDB members, manages WDB by-laws and selects a committee to nominate candidates for WDB offices.

The Executive Committee is composed of WDB officers and the chairpersons of all WDB Committees.

The Executive Committee meets quarterly.


  • Robert Baczyk, ADP
  • Tammy Case, Fulton Bank of New Jersey
  • Hope Hurley, Thorlabs
  • Cliff Morris, Tilcon
  • Matthew Putts, Kincaid Wolstein Vocational, and Rehabilitation Services

Current Meeting Minutes