Develop & Retain Your Workforce

Replacing talent can be a costly endeavor, with the potential expense reaching up to 2 times your employee's salary. Your employees are your most valuable asset and investing in their development is a strategic move to build a skilled and loyal workforce.

Elevate Your Team's Potential: Invest in Skills Advancement

Recognize the invaluable asset within your organization – your employees. Directly contribute to their professional growth by investing in the advancement of their skills. This strategic commitment not only enhances individual capabilities but also serves as a cornerstone in retaining a team of exceptional talent. The acquisition of new skills through targeted training is a fundamental catalyst for cultivating and sustaining a highly skilled workforce.

Funding Opportunities:

Train Your Existing Workforce: Unlock up to $5,000 Reimbursement per Employee

Customize Your Training Experience: Craft the Program to Fit Your Business Requirements, such as:

  • Advancing users in technology
  • Managerial Training
  • English Learning, ESL
  • Industry-Recognized Credentials (e.g., PMP, ASQ, ASCM)
  • Job-specific skills

For detailed information: Incumbent Worker Training

New Hires/On-the-Job Training

Failure to provide proper employee training results in low productivity, poor quality of work, and increased turnover.

Train Your New Hires: Unlock up to $10,000 Reimbursement per Employee with On-the-Job Training Support.

For comprehensive details on our On-the-Job training program, visit On-the-Job Training Overview.

For detailed information: On-the-Job Training

Empower Your Workforce with Apprenticeships

Unlock the potential for career growth and skill development within your business through our apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeships are a powerful tool for creating structured career pathways, fostering a skilled and dedicated team to drive your business forward.

How Apprenticeships Benefit Your Business:

Build a Skilled and Loyal Team:

Develop a workforce equipped with the specific skills your business needs, fostering loyalty and dedication.

Cost-Effective Talent Development:

Reduce hiring costs by cultivating talent from within, providing a sustainable solution for your workforce needs.

Enhanced Employee Retention:

Invest in your team's growth to increase job satisfaction and, consequently, improve employee retention rates.

Cultivate a Success-Driven Culture:

Create a workplace culture committed to success and continuous improvement through apprenticeship initiatives.

On-the-Job Learning and Mentorship:

Facilitate hands-on learning experiences and mentorship opportunities, ensuring practical skill development.

Unlock Tax Credits:

Access valuable tax credits by participating in apprenticeship programs, providing additional financial incentives.

Industry-Recognized Credentials:

Equip your workforce with industry-recognized credentials, enhancing their professional qualifications.

Explore Funding Opportunities:

Take advantage of funding opportunities available for both new and existing apprenticeship programs.

Morris County Dunkin’
Morris County Dunkin’

How did the training benefit the employee? 

“The Workforce Development Board Incumbent Worker Training Funding provided us with an opportunity to promote and skill up a current employee instead of hiring an external candidate. Now, the employee has been through their training.

Morris County Dunkin’
Morris County Dunkin’

What does your new role look like and what skills have you gained from your training?

 “The employee’s new role provides them with the ability to create their own schedule. The employee has developed leadership skills such as organization, budgeting, and inventory.”

Homeless Solutions
Homeless Solutions

 This funding has allowed us to manage through one of the most challenging hiring phases in our recent history.  It’s given us the option to hire and train up candidates in whom we saw potential, but may not have been a perfect match in employment history and experience, as well as giving those staff an opportunity to expand their careers into a field they were interested in.  Our staff feel passionate about making an impact and the individuals we have hired and trained through this program and now getting the opportunity to make a real and immediate impact in the positive change in the lives of our clients.

Sally Rubin
Sally Rubin Executive Director

Another funding success for the Great Swamp Watershed Association where several of their employees got to learn spanish so they could better communicate with students they speak to regarding environmental education.

Take a listen to Sally Rubin, Executive Director, to learn more!

If you have training needs for your employees, reach out to us today!

Roy Ridings
Roy Ridings Weiss-Aug Group

Recently we paid a visit to one of our clients and met up with Roy Ridings at Weiss-Aug Group

Want to learn more about Weiss-Aug and how we were able to help them? Take a look!

The Urban Muse
The Urban Muse Denville New Jersey

The Workforce Development Board met with The Urban Muse in Denville New Jersey to discuss their experience with utilizing funding to support their employees for their Body Mechanics Training.

Watch their videos to learn more about how your business can utilize this opportunity!


Testimonial 2

Lois Fitness Knocking

Are you a large or small business looking to develop your personnel and staff? Please listen to what Lois of Fitness Knocking has to say about how she utilized our services to help train a new employee.

Congratulations Lois on growing your business!

Hear what Lois has to say.