The Workforce Development Board of Northwest New Jersey serves as a cornerstone of collaboration, innovation, and commitment to fostering a thriving and dynamic workforce ecosystem in Morris, Sussex and Warren counties. Our board members play a pivotal role in providing strategic direction, overseeing policies, and ensuring the alignment of workforce programs with the evolving needs of the local community and industry. The Board is comprised of representatives from diverse sectors such as business, community-based organizations, economic development, education, organized labor and government, who are committed to collaborating to enhance the workforce system. With a primary focus on meeting the needs of both job seekers and employers, the board is primarily comprised of business representatives vested with optimum policymaking or hiring authority.

Our Core Mission

At the core of our mission lies the understanding that collaborative efforts are key to driving economic growth in our communities. WDB NNJ members actively engage to provide invaluable insights that shape current and future workforce needs. Aligning the labor needs of our businesses with education is essential for the knowledge and development of industry-specific training programs needed to support economic growth and meet the evolving employment needs of our region.

Our Approach

A fundamental aspect of our approach involves aligning the workforce demands of our businesses with educational initiatives, a critical step for fostering the knowledge and development of industry-specific training programs. This strategic alignment is essential for supporting economic growth and effectively addressing the ever-evolving employment needs of our region.

Board Officers

Tammy Case

Tammy Case

SVP and Senior Loan Officer of Fulton Bank of New Jersey

Matthew Putts
Vice Chair

Matthew Putts

Clinical Director/Forensic Rehabilitation Expert of Kincaid Wolstein Vocational and Rehabilitation Services

Board Function

Strategic Planning:

Board members participate in the development and implementation of strategic plans for workforce development in the region. Identify the current and future workforce needs of the region and align available resources and services to meet those needs. They contribute insights and perspectives to shape the overall direction of workforce initiatives.

Policy Oversight:

Ensure that policies align with federal, state, and local regulations, and provide input into the creation and modification of policies as needed. Advocate for policies and investments that support the workforce system and its goals. Oversee the delivery of high-quality workforce services to job seekers and employers through the network of American Job Centers (AJCs).


Foster partnerships and collaborations among stakeholders to leverage resources to create a comprehensive and effective workforce development system. The WDB NNJ Promotes innovation and continuous improvement in the workforce system to respond to the changing needs of the labor market and the customers.


Board members represent their respective sectors and bring the perspectives of businesses, education, and community organizations to the board. This representation ensures a diverse and inclusive approach to workforce development.

Needs Assessment:

Board members contribute to the ongoing assessment of local labor market needs. The WDB NNJ brings industry-specific knowledge and insights to help identify skill gaps, emerging trends, and employment opportunities.

Resource Allocation:

Executive board members may be involved in decisions related to the allocation of funding and resources for workforce development programs. This includes federal funds, state grants, and other resources that support initiatives in their community.

Monitoring Performance:

Executive board members monitor the performance and outcomes of workforce development programs. They review data, assess program effectiveness, and make recommendations for improvements based on the results.


Subcommittees are formed to evaluate proposals submitted for the procurement of One-Stop Operator, Career Services Provider, and Out-of-School Youth Services providers.


Board members may serve as advocates for workforce development at local, state, and federal levels. They communicate the needs of their community and the importance of effective workforce policies and programs.


Board members may engage in networking activities to build relationships with employers, community leaders, and other stakeholders. Networking helps facilitate collaboration and ensures that the board remains informed about local business needs.

Board Members

William Austin
Warren County Community College

Education2023 – 2025
Mark Bocchieri
Director of External Affairs
Business2023 – 2025

Tammy Case
SVP and Senior Loan Officer, Chair
Fulton Bank of New Jersey

Bill DeBoer
DeBoer’s Auto
Paul Fiore
Administrator/Assistant Director Local 102
I.B.E.W. – Local Union No. 102

Organized Labor2022 – 2024
Meghan Hunscher
President & CEO
Morris County Chamber of Commerce
Economic Development2023 – 2025
Hope Hurley
Senior Human Resource Manager

Business2023 – 2025
Kim Iozzi
Executive Director
Dress for Success Northern NJ
Community Based Organization2023 – 2025
Rosalie Lamonte
County Superintendent
Sussex & Warren Schools

Education2022 – 2024
Gus Modla
Superintendent / Principal
Sussex County Technical School
Education2023 – 2025
Scott Moffitt
Superintendent / Principal
Morris County Vocational School District
Education2023 – 2025
Dianna Morrison
Pathways to Prosperity 2/NORWESCAP
Community Based Organization2023 – 2025
Samantha Oras
Chief Operating Officer
Employment Horizons
Business2023- 2025
Annmarie Plesnik
Team Leader, Career Services
Saint Clare’s Health
Business2023- 2025
Matthew Putts
Clinical Director/ Forensic Rehabilitation Expert, Vice Chair
Kincaid Wolstein Vocational & Rehabilitation Services
Business2023- 2025
David Ramsey
Director, Office of Research and Information
NJ Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development
Government Partner2023- 2025
Marc Schweitzer
Consultant- Business Outreach Team
NJ Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development
Government2022 – 2025
Nikki Sumpter
Senior Vice President, Chief HR Officer
Atlantic Health System
Business2023 – 2025
Susan Zukoski
Chief Development Officer
Abilities of Northwest Jersey, Inc.
Community Based Organization2023 – 2025
Jacklyn Macko
Vice President HR
Business2023 – 2025
Bryson Fonville
VP Sales
BE furniture
Business2023 – 2025

Open Meetings

The WDB NNJ holds Open meetings quarterly. The Open meetings provide a transparent and accountable way of conducting business. All Committees, partners, and the public are welcome to attend the Open meetings. The Open meeting allows the participants to share important announcements, information, program outcomes pertaining to the individuals served, discuss issues, make decisions, learn about the WBD NNJ and its partners, and receive feedback from the stakeholders and the public. Open meetings foster transparency, collaboration, and engagement among the participants and the public.

The Open Meetings for 2024 will be held on January 18, April 18, July 18, and October 17. Prior to each Open Meeting, links will be posted on our website for the meeting notice and agenda. In addition, the WDB NNJ’s Director’s Report and the One-Stop Operator Report will be presented at the Open Meeting. 

If you would like more information or want to attend our Open Meeting, please reach out to Karen Lauridsen at .